The Breakfast Club

Picture of bacon and eggsIf you love a good breakfast… then join the club.

For two thirds of the year, my family and I spend brekky time out on the verandah in the fresh morning air.

Sometimes, I even crank up the barbecue to cook our bacon and eggs. Although I usually look for healthy options, I just worship an indulgent breakfast.

So, what kinds of breakfast menus are there?

Here are some popular choices:

Full Breakfast – was made popular by the English, and has a lot of traditional cooked fair like eggs, meats, small goods (bacon), sausages, mushrooms, fish (kippers), pastries, toast and conserves and hot beverages like coffee. That’s what I’m talk’n ‘bout!

Continental – is a lighter European or French option, with tea and coffee being the important part, accompanied by cereal, fruit juice and small baked pastry items (Danish pastries). Probably the best choice if you’re feeling a little seedy.

American­ – hash brown always come to mind, as well as pancakes, waffles, crepes and French toast. The whole lot is usually smothered in whipped butter and maple syrup. Mostly sweet stuff really.

Chicken and Champagne
 – usually reserved for special events like horse races (Melbourne Cup), the opening of festivals and during an early morning hot air balloon or boat ride.

Asian ­– ‘Congee’ is a special creamed rice and bean curd porridge, accompanied by fresh fruits and Asian style teas. Now becoming trendy in Australia and other western countries.

Cowboy – Bacon, lard, beans and whisky. Only joking, I just made that one up.

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