The Heat Is On – Part 2

Picture of chef with steak and thermometerAs promised in last week’s article, here is a brief cooking temperature guide.

Of course there are many exceptions to the rule, but if you stick to the basic temperatures below (and cross your fingers) you can’t go wrong.

Grilling steaks: Grill on a high heat with an audible sizzle as soon as the steak hits the cooking surface.

The core temperature for a Rare steak should be 60oC at most, Medium 70oC and a Well-done steak should be 75oC. And, as I’ve said before there really is no such thing as Medium-well.

Roasting beef or lamb: Roast at 170oC-180oC. The internal temperature for Rare is 60oC, Medium 70oC and Well-done should be 75oC.

Roasting pork: Pork is best cooked gently between 170oC and 180oC. You’ll definitely want your pork to be over 75oC to make sure it is well-done, but don’t overdo it or the meat will dry out.

Roasting chicken: Heat your oven to 180oC. Chicken needs to be thoroughly cooked to 85oC.

Cooking in liquids: Boiling takes place at 100oC, simmering 95oC-98oC and poaching happens at 93oC-95oc.

Baking cakes, pastries and bread: A slow oven is 120oC, a moderate oven is 180oC and a hot oven is 220oC.

Meringues need to be dried out slowly, so bake between 100oC and 120o – the bigger the meringue, the lower the temperature.

Short crust or short bread is best baked at 150oC-160oC.

Sponge cakes should be baked at 180oC .

Bread is baked on a high temperature between 200oC and 220oC.

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